We restore every vintage eye frame before shipment.

The hinges are dirty without restoring. But once restoring, they become like new.

See the 6 photos below:

3 photos (upper half) are BEFORE restoring

3 photos (lower half) are AFTER restoring

タートオプティカル アーネル アンバー 46-22





Here are 2 models of 1990s Vintage CHANEL Sunglasses.

01455 & 0026

Though the item numbers are different, the designs are quite the same.

We are not sure about the reason but I think that the 0026 was released in the early 1990s

while the 01455 was made in the late 1990s.

Because the 01455 has “CE” stamp on their arm..

1990s CHANEL 01455
1990s CHANEL 0026
1990s CHANEL 0026